TAG responds to All Party Parliamentary Group Inquiry on Heathrow Expansion and Regional Connectivity

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Heathrow expansion and Regional Connectivity is undertaking an inquiry into the future of Heathrow expansion and building back aviation. The Inquiry website is at https://www.appgheathrowexpansion.com/inquiries. Deadline for responses is the 14th September 2020. In its words:


“The aviation industry is facing challenges like many sectors of the economy and it could take years before demand returns to 2019 levels.
“This presents an opportunity to reset the UK’s aviation strategy and initiate a green recovery. This should set aviation on a fairer and more sustainable course, while providing any support necessary for workers to shift to green jobs.
“Aviation policy which must strike an equitable balance between the benefits aviation brings and its adverse environmental, economic and health costs.
“The APPG is inviting views on how Government policy can best support the industry to build back better for a more sustainable sector.”


The more people / organisations that respond, the better.

Our responses are below. Just click on the icon:



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  1. 9th September 2020

    All this applies as well to arrivals. Thank you.

  2. Mary Holmes
    9th September 2020

    I absolutely agree with the responses and comments made in the TAG reply. Thanks for doing this.
    The idea that anyone supports expanding Heathrow just shows how out of touch the government is with the climate situation. This must be the time for change. Propping up airlines shouldn’t be on the agenda but we should have programmes for training airline staff, who have lots of interpersonal skills, for other jobs including careers in health and social care.

  3. Ray Rampton
    5th September 2020

    AS if our political elite didn’t know what needs to be done, stop treating the electorate as fools, so stop all this shilly shallying and get on with the job of protecting our environment, countless enquiries will not help to improve our environment, legislation will, back up by LAW.

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