ICCAN has reviewed the Survey of Noise Attitudes (“SoNA”) prepared by the CAA

The Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise has made a number of recommendations in its review on the noise survey prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority back in 2014 including that a new, regular attitudinal survey towards aviation noise is begun, with the first of the series conducted before the end of 2021. In addition ICCAN states that:

“in light of the lack of confidence voiced to us, and the fact that we have been established specifically to improve the trust between communities and government/industry, we recommend that the design, oversight and analysis of the new attitudinal survey should be independent of Government, regulators and industry, in order to ensure that trust in the survey as an evidence base for making policy decisions can be rebuilt. As ICCAN was set up as an independent body for aviation noise we consider it appropriate for us to take on this role, which fits with ICCAN’s aims of increasing trust, transparency and clarity.”

To view the complete review of ICCAN, click on the link below.

ICCAN Review of SoNA
ICCAN Review of SoNA

It has long been the view of the Teddington Action Group that SoNA is not a robust or reliable evidence base for setting UK aviation policy. The LAeq noise metric is inappropriate and will, on its own, lead to the wrong conclusions. Heathrow needs to rework its consultation materials. TAG has given several presentations on the issues with SoNA to the Heathrow Community Noise Forum, highlighting questions that need to be answered. Heathrow has not been able to provide answers, and even after holding a workshop answers have not been provided. The communities’ presentation at the workshop can be viewed on the link below.

SoNA Issues Workshop 20190814 - Communities Presentation
SoNA Issues Workshop 20190814 – Communities Presentation

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