Public Meeting on Heathrow Consultation Fri 28 Apr 7.30pm


The Department of Transport is consulting on proposals to expand Heathrow Airport. A third runway will have a devastating impact on our community and it is vital that local residents respond to the consultation to show the scale and strength of local opposition.

We are holding a public meeting on Friday 28th April from 7.30 to 9.30pm at the Teddington Baptist Church (17 Church Road, Teddington TW11 8PF) to outline the process and provide practical steps in responding to the proposals that will have a devastating effect on our area and community.

Speaking at the meeting will be:

  • Dr Tania Mathias, MP for Twickenham and Teddington
  • Lord True, Leader of Richmond Council
  • Martin Elengorn, Teddington Ward Councillor
  • Teddington Action Group

We’ll be covering the following areas:

  • National Aviation Policy review (which is being run in parallel with Heathrow expansion proposals)
  • Inadequate public consultation by the DfT (no flight path information)
  • The human cost of Heathrow expansion
  • An impending environmental disaster
  • The overstated economic benefits

This meeting is an opportunity for the local community to ask questions and to understand how best to respond to the Government’s consultations on Aviation Policy and Heathrow.

Please invite as many of your friends and neighbours to attend this important meeting by forwarding this email. Everyone is welcome.


The consultation closes on 25 May 2017. To ensure that your voice is heard you can:

  1. email your response to, or
  2. download the Response Form from, or
  3. complete the small response card (to be distributed shortly.)

You may wish to use the bullet points below to explain the reasons for your opposition. Please also encourage your neighbours, family and friends to respond.


  • Heathrow is already highly disruptive, its flight paths overflying the most densely populated residential region in the UK.  Of all people adversely impacted by aviation noise in the entire EU, a staggering 29% live under Heathrow’s flight paths.
  • And yet a 3rd runway will mean a 54% increase in flights, with periods of “respite” for residents (when areas are not overflown) halved.
  • Who will foot the bills for expansion? TfL claims infrastructure costs will be £15 billion, the government claims £5 billion, but Heathrow has committed to just £1 billion.
  • A 3rd runway will increase “hub” traffic (transfer passengers) and profits for Heathrow’s 92% foreign shareholders, but what will be the economic benefit to the UK? Even the government believes the net benefit (after infrastructure, compensation & mitigation costs) to be no more than £6 billion over 60 years. Put another way, each UK citizen will benefit by £1.86 per year – less than the cost of a cup of tea!
  • The Airports Commission, which recommended a 3rd runway, was chaired by Sir Howard Davies (who on the date of his appointment was employed by GIC Private Ltd – one of Heathrow’s principal owners and cheerleaders for Heathrow expansion).
  • Evidence for expansion is flawed. Questions raised by the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, doubting the economic benefit, remain unanswered. Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee has issued a damning report on the  health and environmental impacts.
  • Heathrow currently fails to meet environmental emissions targets. Additional pollution concentrated at Heathrow, with a 3rd runway, will need to be offset against other industries and in other regions.
  • Residents have not been properly consulted. New areas will be overflown for the first time, yet the government’ s consultation maps failed to indicate where. Areas known to be impacted by aircraft noise (e.g., Teddington) were shown to be currently unaffected. The government has significantly underestimated Heathrow’s current noise footprint, and does not seem to be facing up to the likely impacts of such an enormous expansion in flight numbers.

If you have further questions or need help with your response, please email

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