Response to Night Flight Restrictions Consultation

Night flight restrictions at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted

The Government have launched this consultation which can be found  online at

There is a very short time for people to submit responses with the consultation closing on the 28th February 2017. It is important that people reply and Teddington Action Group will reply as an organisation.

Our final response can be found here – Night Flight Consultation Answers to Questions FINAL

Please feel free to be guided by our response, but we urge everyone to respond in some manner.

If you wish to keep it simple, you can write to the Department of Transport with your concerns.

Ways to respond

Respond online or complete a response form and either
Email to:

Write to:
Department for Transport,
33 Horseferry Road,

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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  1. 3rd April 2017

    I really appreciate the insight here in this post and confident it’s going to be helpful to me and many others. Thanks for your post.

  2. H.Garriock
    27th February 2017

    That’s why all airports are built out in the countryside away from disturbing humans.
    Most civilized countries totally ban all noise from 5pm Friday till 9am Monday – there is no need for weekend flights from heathrow – the airport lights should be switched off at 8pm on Friday night and airport closed down till 9am Monday – and as for week days, 8pm light off, everyone go home till 9am the next day! CLIMATE CHANGE will enforce this one day soon.

  3. Christina Gore
    25th February 2017

    The hours to be allowed banning flights at night are in no way a long enough time to allow people affected by planes to get sufficient sleep at night .A longer period would be more suitable break from the noise of planes at Heathrow etc from taking off and landing and hearing their engine noise overhead. In the past Heathrow has carried out some dubious practice too .I have heard planes after 11 pm etc here where I live in Hampton Wick. Some people in affected area say that the planes fly lower than they have before.There is also the noise issue from how the planes take off – flying low to save fuel but then being directly over the houses ( more noise overhead?) or taking off straight up but using more fuel. ( Causing more pollution?)
    The government allows 57 decibels in the day .WHO recommends 45 at night and 50 in the day. Are the new exempt ‘quiet planes coming into Heathrow? Are there enough monitors 25 – should be 50? Noise producers should make regular assessments and take reasonable steps to eradicate that noise? Do the planes actually fly locally only over the routes they are meant to always? Are the planes which fly at night actually full? Does the airport earn more money from night flights?
    We in addition in this GLA and Surrey area where we live hear military and rescue helicopters sometimes ,flights made by Royal family and no doubt private planes so Heathrow not only place where night flights are coming to and from.I understand these flights are not counted in .Night flights that are emergencies are not counted in either. Not all flights shown on Web Track .

  4. Jenny Hull
    8th February 2017

    What a load of Waffle to tell us nothing new. So no change, the powers that be still ploughing ahead as planned with more of the same but come 2022 there will be even more pollution, both in our lungs and in our ears! Nightmare. I suspect a alot of people will move out of the area by then. So only great if your a worker at Heathrow. Well I guess its one way to lower house prices in this lovely part of London.
    I am writing this whilst listening to ridiculously loud planes flying over my house Again!

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