Why you should respond to the Airports Planning Consultation

A heart-felt piece from one of our original founders of TAG.

Heathrow Expansion combined with the controversial concentration of flight paths by the DFT is going to create a living hell for a thousands upon thousands in London and surrounding areas – people who don’t even know it yet are going to realise way too late. The consultation opened today. Have your say.

The economic arguments do not add up and the air we breathe, the climate we need to protect will all be jeopardised. It’s not just some rich people in aptly named Richmond who are up in arms and who will be affected but some of the poorest areas- 300 plus schools, a whole village flattened, 800 houses lost- the biggest relocation of people since the Second World War. 

The aviation lobby is very powerful and has been hammering Parliament through heavily funded campaigns and deals for years. They have lost the human arguments so now focus on economic ones which themselves are grossly exaggerated and do not add up. Business travel is decreasing every single year- this is an undisputed truth. Creating a super monopoly is not the way forward.

And how can such a promised increase in freight traffic not count as generating more traffic on our already illegally toxic road network around West London?

This option is purely based on hard lobbying fuelled by the greed of a few who own all the global aviation interests close to their heart and see our skies as their playground, whilst simultaneously taking away our children’s. Fancy future generations of kids playing in Adobe huts? Well you’re going to have to from 2020 if you’re unlucky enough to have to live and work in the sprawling Heathrow noise foot print – with 740,000 flights a year – 260,000 more than today. They’ve decided that you’ll be allowed to sleep 6.5 hours a night if you’re lucky, all the while breathing in the NO2 and other pollutants generated by what is already the prime carbon emitter in the UK.

So please put a stop to expanding Heathrow and have you say by responding to the consultation. It can be found here.

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  1. leslie gresswell
    8th February 2017

    The consultation is written in the language of an apparently magnanimous victor lauding heart felt praise on a vanquished opponent. The radio advertisement adopts a similar tone of a generous consoling spirit, It’s an old ruse of conciliation that vested interests are adept at. Exposing their duplicity needs an equally hardened approach.

  2. S Arslan
    7th February 2017

    We don’t want 3rd run away, we have been asking less planes go over our head! It is a he’ll condition to live near , from very early morning to very late evening all day non stop flight path..Our mental and physical health are effected. No peace..The air pollution , the noise pollution are over the limit for human being. We pay thousand of council tax to suffer from you? There are babies and children and elderly and the air pollution is a killer! We ask limit on current operations and never accept to increase that with 3rd runaway. Public health is more important than to make rich companies richer! If you go ahead with 3rd runaway, UK will only confirm that it is run by the people who has third world countries political attitude. Only they don’t listen their citizen for the sake of to fill their, somebodies pockets, where democracy is only show ! People’s lives matter, should matter than anything else in one of the wealthiest country in the world. If not what is the point to claim one of the most civilised, modern country in the world. ….

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