CAA Launches Consultation on Five Year Strategic Plan

CAA_860x484The CAA has launched a consultation on the five year strategic plan and has invited the public to input.

“As the UK’s specialist aviation regulator, this consultation on our five year strategic plan sets out how we propose to contribute to the development of the UK aviation sector over the five years from 2016–2021, what we want to achieve and how we plan to do it.”

They are looking to address key strategic challenges which include:

  • completing the move from compliance to performance-based regulation in the area of safety and taking significant steps in that direction in security;
  • subject to the Government’s decisions on new runway capacity in the South East of England, building a robust approach to the funding and cost to users of any new infrastructure;
  • playing a driving role in the biggest series of airspace changes ever in the UK in some of the busiest airspace in Europe, including taking into account the views of all stakeholders impacted;
  • radically overhauling our approach to holiday protection and using information to strengthen the power of consumers in deciding on the services they receive; and
  • finding ways of delivering more effective consumer redress, such as the move to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) arrangements.

What is key to this consultation is that the CAA recognise that we, us, the public will be affected by these changes. A point echoed on their website.

“What is at stake is the real-world experience of the many stakeholders who we aim to serve. You are likely to be among them. Your views on this draft plan are, therefore, important to us.”

“Aviation affects you – let us know what you think.”

We urge everyone to complete the survey which can be found here, and refer to our TAG Guidance Notes on responding to CAA Consultation when completing and answering the survey.


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  1. Chocks Away
    25th January 2016

    ADR will not provide the protection people need or deserve. An Independent Noise Ombudsman has been called for since 2014, by Hacan and others, together with proper compenstion and redress for flight path changes, whether or not linked to expansion. This is only reasonable, surely?

  2. Emer millar
    20th January 2016

    Have lived in Twickenham x34years. Plane noise has worsened & early 0430 flights and late flights midnight or even later affect our quality of life. Not happy ,with increase of terrorism, that so many flights over a population of 8 million people will continue.

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