Heathrow won’t commit to night flights ban

imagesIn Wednesday’s Environmental Committee questioning the impact of Heathrow to the surrounding areas, John Holland-Kaye provided further indication that Heathrow could not be trusted.

The Heathrow chief executive, told the Environmental Audit Committee yesterday that it had not yet accepted a ban on night flights (those early 4.30 am to 6am long-haul arrivals from South East Asia) as part of Sir Howard Davies mitigation measures and a prerequisite to approval of a 3rd runway.

He further went on to add that it was complicated because altering bilateral treaties governing access to the UK  was beyond Heathrow’s control. A ban on night flights would also be problematic for airlines on long-haul flights, something he believes the airlines are likely to contest.

It is believed that the business case for the 3rd runway relies heavily on the continuation of night flights and early arrivals, many of which are considered high-value for Heathrow.


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