Count Me Out!

The Heathrow-funded ‘Back Heathrow’ campaign has been blitzing communities around Heathrow with leaflets and now this Hounslow Chronicle wrap which waxes lyrical about the benefits that a third runway would bring. The paper appeared in deep piles outside of newsagents for anyone to pick up.

Whilst Heathrow expansion would bring economic benefits, we feel that the environmental damage that would accompany such an enormous project and increase in airplanes and passenger traffic would counter-act the benefit to the economy.

We also question the inference that if Heathrow didn’t expand, it would shrink! Would passengers and companies move away from Heathrow potentially to another country just because another airport in the UK or Europe grew instead? Their survey included many loaded questions with options to ‘grow Heathrow’, ‘shrink or close Heathrow, lose jobs etc’ but no middle ground for people to say they’re happy with how things are currently.

The ‘200 of the top 300 UK companies located themselves around Heathrow (within a 25 mile radius)’ claim (page 32) is a weak argument because this basically covers all of central London and many of them will also be within 25 miles of Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton too. A Gatwick 25 mile radius covers up to the Thames in Central London:

25 radius drawn from Heathrow and Gatwick

Meanwhile someone not particularly happy with Heathrow’s plans for expansion has been defacing Heathrow billboards across London – this one close to home in Twickenham.

Corner of Staines Road & Elmsleigh Road in Twickenham. Photo: Jodie Holland aka dutchmrs on Twitter.

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